7 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Part Time Maid Service

When hiring a part time maid, there are some of the things that should be really considered. In that case, most people should know that a maid has got a lot of roles to play. In most cases, there are two kinds of maids; the full time maids and part time maids. Part time maids are maids who does not stay permanently specifically in the house and their main work schedule is just for few days in a week for several hours as per the rules of the contract. To add on that also, these days, most of the people who normally reside in urban areas are always occupied with their own busy lifestyles. In that case, they lack enough time to keep their own homes to be clean by performing their house chores like cooking, cleaning and also taking care of their children. Just in case one have got problems in keeping the affairs of his or her home in order for any genuine reason, the best option is to hire a trusted part time maid and life will be easy. A trusted maid can help one in completing chores like washing dishes, mopping floors, washing clothes, vacuuming the carpets among other common household tasks. In order for one to avoid mistakes that may arise in future after hiring a part time maid, he or she should be careful enough by avoiding some of the obvious mistakes.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Part Time Maid Service

Mistakes to avoid when hiring a part time maid service

  • Make sure not to choose a part time maid who is based on low fees
    Though it is considered to be important to choose a part time maid who charges some reasonable amount, one should bear not to hire this kind of professional simply because he/ she charges low fees. Usually, a maid who charges low fees may not even offer efficient cleaning services. Also, extremely low prices are normally offered by part time maids who prefer working individually. Most of these maids have got no insurance and more so they are not bonded. Concerning that, if something accidentally gets damaged while working, the person who hired will have to meet the total cost of replacing it. Another important thing to note is that, a low price may also mean that a part time maid uses cleaning supplies and equipments which are cheap and this may not clean the house.
  • Avoid choosing a part time maid basing on the information over the phone
    It is good to make a phone call when inquiring about the services that a maid agency normally offers. However, one should not consider only phone calls as the best option for hiring a part time maid. Actually, it is important to invite the person to the place of residence and also ask for a written estimate. By following this method, it will enable one to know the services should pay and also he or she will not be victimized especially by high pressure tactics a service provider may decide to use when he/she arrives at the place of residence.

A good example is the cleaning service provider. Trusted cleaning service providers are known to offer multiple packages of quality cleaning services. Apart from that also, they normally offer six or one year contracts including additional home maintenance services through their own certified and trusted affiliates such as plumbers, painters, interior decorators and handymen among others.

  • Never choose a part time maid without getting his or her testimonials from the previous clients
    This mistake is normally common in most people and this has led to many problems arising after hiring a part time maid. Maids or part time maid agencies who work individually may decide to say anything concerning the jobs they have done before. So, it is good for one to read the comments from their previous clients. The main reason for doing that is to determine the kind of quality services they normally offer. 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Part Time Maid Service
  • Avoid choosing a part time maid agency which is not allowed to operate by the concern ministry
    Basing on the rules of any government, only the licensed and registered maid agencies are allowed to offer their services. One should ensure not to make any to use the maid agency services which is not licensed or in other case not allowed to operate by the set rules of the government. It is also good to avoid hiring a part time maid who is employed by an agency which is not registered or accredited by the concern Association of Employees Agencies since one may get into serious problems with the set authorities if he or she uses the agency services that normally operate illegally.
  • Avoid choosing a part time maid agency without being sure about the expectations that will come out of it and also the duties included in the written quotation of the agency
    This is also another important point to note. It is good to let the maid agency know about the cleaning services one needs. One may even go forward and find out if it can offer the kind of services he or she needs. Trusted maid agencies normally provide their own clients with service agreements that outline specifically the common tasks they can complete being part of their cleaning services.
  • Avoid choosing a part time maid agency which does not offer money back guarantees
    Any maid service agency which is not willing to refund the full amount of money one paid for cleaning service if one is not satisfied should not be hired. One should be keen enough and make sure to check the fine print in order to ensure that the whole amount of money that a maid agency is claiming to offer is unlimited in any way possible.
  • Avoid choosing a part time maid service without making comparisons
    Most people hire their part time maids simply because they can find them easily. This is a very big mistake that one can easily avoid by just being patient enough and carrying out some comparisons first. By making a comparison between the maid agencies, it will help one to get the right part time maid who will make everything to be easier in the house