Cleaning is a basic healthy practice which you do from day to day. When you have the time you can always do your home cleaning. But have you ever found yourself so busy that you cannot clean your house? Yes, it happens once in a while that you are really busy and you cannot even spare a minute for cleaning. You do not have to bang your head when you cannot find time to clean. You can opt for one time house cleaning services. In Singapore, there are plenty of one time house cleaning companies. They tackle all home cleaning services. They are readily available, affordable and very convenient.

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Are you stuck with your cleaning? Choose one time cleaning company and leave it to do the dirty work as you concentrate with other important activities. Are you now ready to give one time cleaning company a try? I have all the information you want. Here are the places to find the best one time cleaning company in Singapore. There are also quick tips to ensure you get the best services.

Where you will find one time cleaning company in Singapore
· The internet:
There are hundreds of cleaning companies in Singapore. They offer different cleaning services you may be looking for. These companies list their services on the internet to reach a wide market from online visitors. Search the internet using the key word for one time cleaning company in Singapore. You will get a list from which you can make your favorite pick. Ensure you go for the ones which have experience, trusted by customers and the best in the market.

· Online reviews:
There are millions of reviews on cleaning companies in Singapore. Access as many reviews as possible. Read through most of them to know what customers have to say about the services offered by each company. Compare their prices, quality and variety of services offered. The highly rated companies are the best to choose from.

· Online advertising directories:
Directories such as Anglo info, Olx and career jet have listings of all sorts of companies. Access these directories and search for cleaning companies. You will get various lists to make your choice. Compare and contrast each of the options before you can make your final decision.

· Cleaning companie’s websites:
In the age of online marketing, companies have created websites to tab into the huge online traffic. If you are looking for one time cleaning company just get a few names of random companies and access their websites. See what each of them has to offer. On these websites, everything is broken down for you. They even leave contact information for you. You can make a call, send and instant message or an email to make further enquiries. You can get the best offers from the companie’s websites.

· Singapore classifieds:
Singapore expats and Locanto bear huge listings of classifieds on different industries and service providers. Cleaning services are included and you can find a trustworthy company from this list. The information provided here is not detailed enough so you can get the few details and do further online research.

· Recommendations from neighbors, friends and relatives:
The people you live with or around are the best to provide you with helpful information on the best cleaning companies. Neighbors, friends and relatives are likely to have used the cleaning services sometimes and they would be happy to recommend some companies for you to choose. They will give you first hand details about such companies and will help you in making the right choice.

· Yellow pages:
These are printed listings of the addresses of companies and places in the world. Pick the yellow pages in Singapore and go through to get the addresses for cleaning companies. When you get this information, you can do further research by asking friends or searching the internet.

The array of cleaning services by one time cleaning Companies in Singapore
One time cleaning companies in Singapore provide an array of cleaning services. Here is the list of cleaning services you expect. However, this list is not under any circumstances exhaustive.
· Your kitchen and kitchen appliances
· Cleaning floors: mopping, vacuuming and sweeping
· Bathroom washing: bathtubs, toilets, and bathroom floors and wall tiles
· Carpets and other floor rugs
· Doors, windows and gates
· Mirrors and light fixtures
· Move out cleaning services
· Ready-for-sale cleaning
· After –party cleaning

Tips on choosing the best one time cleaning company
· Do not pick the first company you come across; go through a number of different companies before you make your final pick

· Go for the service provider with the most competitive price. Be sure to compare prices and pick the one which is comfortable for your pocket. Whatever price you settle for, ensure that you get the best services. Do not be tempted to go for the cheapest or most expensive offers. They are not all they seem to be.

· Expensive is not always are guarantee for quality services. Some cleaning service providers will charge you exorbitant fees and yet perform a shoddy job. Do not choose the most expensive company thinking you will get the best services.

· Check for certification. Companies with quality and standardization certifications are the best. They meet the set standards of quality. They offer services you can trust.

· Beware of online impostors. There are individuals and groups who will pose online as credible cleaning companies. They will offer you cheap deals only to get lost once you make the payment. Do not fall into this trap. Ensure that you thoroughly vet each company before you can make any payment.

· Pay in installments. Do not pay the company the full fees at the beginning. Divide the payment into three installments. Give the first installment at the commencement of the cleaning exercise. Make the second installment midway the process. After you are satisfied with the service, you can make the final installment when the company is done.

You do not have any reason to stay with your house or premise dirty not even your busy schedule. One time cleaning companies are out there waiting for your contact. They are prompt, effective and affordable. I’m sure if you try these cleaning services once, you will regularly seek them.